The City Council


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  1. hello from muntinlupa. our city council is interested to have a copy of ordinance 000177-14. can you email me at

    • spdavao says:

      Maam, in the LANDMARK LEGISLATION ONLINE facility found in home page of this website, you can download copies of landmark legislation of Davao City.

      However, as the said facility is currently undergoing system upgrade from Globe to PLDT, hence, you cannot download copies thereof.

      As such, we have sent the requested ordinance to your email. For your information and guidance.

  2. Thank you for your response and my apologies for this late reply.. I have not received the requested ordinance in my email.. kindly resend it. thank you.

    • spdavao says:

      Maam, we have already sent the requested email through your email address: last Sept. 2, 2016 through We have a copy of our email in our SENT ITEMS.

      Likewise, the requested ordinance, Ordinance 0177-14 was already uploaded in this website. You can download a copy of the same at the ONLINE LANDMARK LEGISLATION facility of this website.

      Just go to the HOME PAGE, click on the ONLINE LANDMARK LEGISLATION icon and key in the ordinance number, 0177-14 or the keyword, “cabling” in the search bar and click on the PDF icon at the right side of the title to download a PDF copy thereof.

      For your information and guidance.

  3. i already downloaded the requested ordinance.. salamat po.

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