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  1. Ryan Cervantes Avellanosa says:

    Excellent Job

  2. With regards to the estimated 6000+ fake Titles and P27 Billion land fraud in GenSan, we request a meeting with the incoming president Rodrigo Duterte (or at least Sarah). If we get a meeting, we can unlock funds due to the rightful owners and begin charitable projects – such as to help street children and the homeless.
    Please refer to the case reference: #XVI-12D-00308. The case filed is Presidential Decree 1869 Increasing the penalty for Certain Forms of Swindling and Estafa.
    You can reach me at: In return, I can provide you with a Special Power of Attorney indicating that I am an official of representative of the family.
    NB. Please take special note that we cannot trust any Government sources in Gensan. Do not refer us back there.
    Sincerely, Chris Silverthorne.

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