1. Takes charge in the receiving, recording, routing, reproduction and releasing of incoming/outgoing documents, mails, resolutions/ordinances, and invitations for regular/special/executive sessions and committee hearings.
  2. Takes charge in the preparation of invitations for attendance in the regular/special/executive sessions.
  3. Takes charge in the encoding of all incoming documents for use in the Resolution Ordinance Tracking System (ROTS).


  1. Prepares the Annual Procurement Plan/ASPP and amendatory of the Office of the Administrative Services.
  2. Evaluates all PRs & POs of the SP Members.
  3. Takes charge for the procurement of supplies & materials, office equipments and other needs of the office.
  4. Prepares & process Purchase Requests, Purchase Orders & Vouchers.
  5. Evaluates documents relative to monthly claims for reimbursement.
  6. Takes charge in the preparation of documents for Fuel Consumption of the Administrative Support Services.
  7. Delivers canvass to the accredited suppliers.
  8. Prepares voucher for the payment of telephone bills & cell phone bills of SP Members & SP Department Head, Assistant Department Head & Division Chiefs.
  9. Prepares voucher for the Renewal of the SP building Insurance.
  10. Provides cleaning materials to the Janitors assigned in the SP Office.
  11. Coordinates the GSO in the building maintenance & repairs.
  12. Takes charge in the reproduction of agenda, ordinances & other office forms.


  1. Provides protection and security to the Office of the Sangguniang Panlungsod.


  1. Takes charge in receiving and connecting all incoming telephone calls to the different offices of the Sangguniang Panlungsod.
  2. Takes charge in the documentation of the proceedings of regular/special sessions and committee hearings.
  3. Takes charge in the maintenance and operation of computers, tape recorders, copiers, projector and other equipment in the Office of the Sangguniang Panlungsod.
  4. Takes charge in the maintenance/repair of electrical system, plumbing and carpentry services of the office.


  1. Takes charge in the preparation of appointments, personnel actions, promotions, incentives and leave of absences of all officials and employees of the Office of the Sangguniang Panlungsod.
  2. Prepares payrolls and vouchers of officials and employees.
  3. Takes charge in all personnel services/activities, schedule of trainings for self-development and career advancement.
  4. Takes charge in the safekeeping of personnel file and confidential records of the officials and employees of the Sangguniang Panlungsod.



  1. Takes charge in the management of current and non-current records.
  2. Provides reference services for current and non-current records.
  3. Certifies to the authenticity of documents after payment of the corresponding Secretary’s fees.
  4. Takes charge in the posting of approved city ordinances (English and Cebuano version).
  5. Assists in the raffle of penal ordinances for newspaper publication.
  6. Facilitates the publication of penal ordinances in the Official Gazette.
  7. Facilitates the publication of penal ordinances in the Official Gazette
    1. Semi-Annual Performance Report of S.P. Members
    2. Annual Local Productivity & Performance Measurement (LPPM)
    3. Prepares the Year-end Accomplishment Report for submission to the Executive Department
  8. Prepares an inventory of inactive records; dispose of inactive records with the agency’s Records Disposition Schedule (RDS).
  9. Attends to the needs of visitors coming from the different provinces, Cities and municipalities.
  10. Issues Certificate of Appearance to visitors coming from the different Provinces, cities and municipalities.


  1. Subscribes to the Official Gazette.
  2. Takes charge in the classification and cataloguing of books.
  3. Cuts or clips selected articles from newspaper for clippings.
  4. Checks, classifies and current important articles from newspapers.
  5. Conducts semi-annual inventory of books and other library reports.
  6. Takes charge in the safekeeping and maintenance of books and other library materials.



  1. Prepares action reports of resolutions and ordinances.
  2. Prepares and finalizes the following reports for the Dept. of Interior and Local Government (DILG):
    1. Monthly SP Analysis Report
    2. Monthly attendance report of SP Members
    3. Quarterly Accomplishment Report of resolutions/ordinances passed by each Member of the SP
  3. Dispenses assistance to Barangay Officials as well as the general public.
  4. Checks/Review/Records
    1. Resolutions
    2. Ordinances
  5. Edits and prepares in final form all certications, resolutions and ordinances.


  1. Prepares agenda of regular sessions and special sessions.
  2. Attends and assists during regular and special sessions, in committee hearings of all standing committees as well as during public hearings.
  3. Prepares and submits transcripts of regular and special sessions as well as excerpts of above-mentioned upon request.
  4. Checks/Review/Records
    1. Minutes of committee and public hearings as well as regular and special sessions
  5. Schedules all committee and public hearings as well as the use of the Session Hall and Conference Rooms
  6. Prepares:
    1. Minutes of committee and public hearings
    2. Journals of Regular and Special Sessions


  1. Prepares, finalizes and submits office budget proposals including the supporting documents.
  2. Assists the Committee on Finance, Ways & Means and Appropriations in the review, evaluation and finalization of the annual and supplemental budgets, preparation of the Committee Reports, Resolutions and Ordinances relative to budgetary matters.
  3. Assists the Committee on Finance in the updating and finalization of the Annual Implementing Plan (AIP), Local Development Investment Program (LDIP) and the City’s Revenue Code.
  4. Prepares Allotment Request Order (ARO)
  5. Reviews and evaluates Purchase Requests (PR), Purchase Orders (PO), vouchers, payrolls and other supporting documents of all expenditures chargeable against the budget under the Office of the Vice Mayor, the Councilors and the Administrative Support Services for Obligation Request (OR) preparation.
  6. Prepares reports on updated balances under Maintenance & Other Operating Expenditures (MOOE) and Capital Outlay budgetary accounts.
  7. Attends regular/special sessions, meetings and committee hearings relative to budgetary matters.
  8. Prepares and submits budgetary communications, viz:
    1. Requests for realignment of appropriations.
    2. Requests for cancellation of PRs/POs/Vouchers.
    3. Requests for inclusion in the budget (annual or supplemental).
  9. Reviews, evaluates and affixes initials on indorsements of Co-Terminous Plantilla Personnel, Job Orders and Contracts of Services and Program Designs relative to the utilization of the budgets under the Program Codes 1016, 1021 and 1022.

8 Responses to Divisions

  1. Good day, ma’am/sir!
    I just want to inquire if there are any available job item at the City Council now?


    • spdavao says:

      Sir, the list of vacant positions of the Office of the Sangguniang Panlungsod are posted at the Bulletin Board outside our office. FYI

  2. Good Morning! I just want to ask who is the City Council for Economic Development in 2nd District.


  3. Ace Orcullo says:

    Good day SP-Davao City. May I ask if the Sangguniang Panlungsod is into “paperless sessions” and does the SP have an established Electronic Legislative Tracking System. I am from SP – Surigao del Sur and we are looking for learning destinations for the above mentioned IT Systems.

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